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About Long Handle Shoe Horn

Long Handle Shoe Horn is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality shoe horns. Since the first day of operation in 2004, the company has committed to providing the highest quality products and service to all of our customers.

As a leading manufacturer of shoe horns in the United States, we strive on providing a durable and long lasting shoe horn. We take great pride in working with only the best American companies in providing high quality parts for all of our shoe horns.

Besides offering a great product, we realize how important customer service is. Our retail background has helped us understand the importance of providing outstanding customer service and treating our customers with respect, courtesy, and integrity.

We strive on providing quality American made products with friendly and courteous service. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us at:

Long Handle Shoe Horn
527 Clavey Ct.
Highland Park, IL 60035

Tel:  (800) 492 6500
Fax: (800) 492 6500


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We pride ourselves in providing the absolute best product and overall customer experience.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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